Easy tricks to feel more connected in the bedroom ✨

Published August 23, 2022 tag category
Easy tricks to feel more connected in the bedroom ✨

One Pathological Fear All Men Share

Pathological fears creates anxieties in many people all over the World. Typically these fears are unique to the person with the fear. However, men share one common pathological fear; that we might not live up to our lover’s expectations. Three factors that fuel our pathological fear.

Simple Premature Ejaculation Exercises – Increase Sexual Stamina Tonight

Premature ejaculation exercises can help you to increase sexual stamina if you are trying to find ways to avoid reaching climax early in bed. Do not get confused. These exercises are nothing like working out in a gym. They are more relaxing and will help you in avoiding quick ejaculation. Moreover, they will make the lovemaking experience more enjoyable for your partner.

Sex Help For Seniors

Meet Ben. Ben is an average 45 year old man. He is relatively happy with his life. One thing though has been bothering him. Lately, whenever Ben gets in a position for some lovemaking, he has begun to have some sexual performance issues.

Why Powerful Men Are Sexy Men

Success and power cause middle-aged men’s testosterone levels to surge, resulting in a perennial game of seduction with all sorts of women. On the other hand, it is noted that unsuccessful middle-aged men are rarely able to attract beautiful women. The reason for this: power is an aphrodisiac.

Stop Premature Ejaculation Completely – 3 Steps To Ending Years Of Embarrassing Performance In Bed

Sex has never been a fulfilling experience for both you and your wife or girlfriend, simply because you can never seem to last as long as she expects you to. And for many years now, you have endured the shame of not being masculine enough to properly satisfy your partner’s needs in bed. But is there a way for you to stop premature ejaculation completely and turn your sex life around for good?

Premature Ejaculation Drowning Your Sex Life? Use These 2 Simple Tips To Start Enjoying Longer Sex!

Are you already sick and tired of trying to last the distance each time you make love to your wife or girlfriend but always end up failing and disappointing her? Do you want a real working solution to your proneness to shooting off your load much too early for you and her liking? Learn 2 very simple tricks to help you beat premature ejaculation when you have sex tonight!

Power Secrets Of Sex Magick

Throughout history, there has been nothing as used, abused and misunderstood as what happens between people during sex. There is no doubt that there is something spiritual happening when people make love.