Jake and I

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Jake and I

It all started one Saturday afternoon I walked out of my garage and to my surprised eyes I saw the most beautiful man I have ever seen! He had blonde curls sneaking out from behind the bandana that he wore and the sweetest smile you have ever seen. My husband and I were getting ready for a trip with a bunch of his friends and his one friend decided to bring his brother. We had some time getting ready and some things were going wrong as usual when you are trying to get ready for a trip away from home. We finally got on the road and headed for the mountains. There is one thing you must understand my hubby is not the type of guy to be caring or considerate if it doesn’t pertain to him it doesn’t matter to him and he lets me know that quite often we finally get to the mountains and his buddy called the local whore to find out where we were to park so we could camp out. 

We ended up at the top of this hill in a nice clearing good enough for the100’s of dollars worth of fireworks we brought with us. We built a fire and decided to chill and make some dinner and drink a bit before starting some fireworks off. As usual my hubby was off flirting with another woman right in front of my eyes and didn’t seem to care that I was standing less than 5 ft from him as he joked and talked with this voluptuous 19 year old town whore who I am sure all the guys that were with us wanted to fuck including my hubby all but Jake the beautiful man I met earlier. He was more interested in the good time at the fire. 

To tell you the truth so was I. We were having a great time as night fell and the fire was not as warm as I would have liked it because my nipples were starting to get very hard from being so cold so Jake offered me a shirt at first I declined because my hubby would be severely upset seeing me wear another man shirt. Nonetheless I was cold and drunk and needed to be warmer than what the fire was giving me so I reached for the shirt that Jake was holding out to me. Right about that time one of the fireworks we were lighting off got off course and landed in the woods adjoining our camp. My hubby and all his friend and Jake and I ran to make sure the woods weren’t going to catch on fire. When I noticed that my hubby and a few of his friends had the situation under control I decided to start the wwwxxx to walk back to our camp it seemed so far away and so dark and cold and I am like totally blind in the dark so I asked hubby to help me back he said he couldn’t because he was too busy putting the fire out. So Jake was ahead of me I told him wait up I can’t see. He waited for me and made sure I made it back to our camp ok. That was the beginning of me feeling attraction to him but I was /scared/">scared I shouldn’t be thinking this way but I was I am a married woman I can’t see another man in that way I can’t think another man is attractive but he was and it was hard to deny!

Jake stoked the fire and got it raging enough that my body was finally starting to warm up really I couldn’t tell if it was from the fire or from the way Jake looked sitting beside it next to me while I tried to get some shut eye the next thing I remember was waking up in the early morning Jake not beside me like when I fell asleep. My hubby off doing something in the woods me alone by the fire that’s when I noticed Jakes car was not there did he leave I thought to myself where did he go??? The next day was fast approaching and I just wanted to talk to Jake and listen to his voice and have a conversation something hubby and I don’t do anymore after 3 children its hard to have that kind of relationship I guess actually I never had that with hubby. When Jake finally returned I was relieved my body was starting to get cold again from the fire getting cold and burnt out. I climbed into Jakes car and asked if I could sleep in his nice warm vehicle which he allowed without any question. As I sat there trying to fall back to sleep as I was warming my body I heard Jakes voice say so what is your favorite kind of music I replied with a I don’t know. We chatted more through the early morning hours and he asked if I would like to take a drive at that point in wwwxxx time I didn’t care all I wanted was some sleep so he started up the hill and quickly turned around my head was beating fast because I wanted something to happen I wanted him to want me as /bad/">bad as I wanted him. But nothing happened nothing at all I was a little concerned that I was not pretty enough for Jake to feel attracted to that’s where I was wrong. He started to ask more questions as I lay in his car. ’Who is the most attractive man here’? Getting a little blushed and not knowing exactly what to say I blurted out there is a lot of nice looking guys here. Much to my /surprise/">surprise he said well I think you are very attractive. I never had a man ever treat me so nice and tell me such nice things when I was all dirty from camping. As the long hot day drew upon us I sat most of the time in his car soaking up the great company not to mention the incredibly cool air conditioning. Time to leave was fast approaching and all the ideas of going home was flooding my brain as I watched Jake sleep I wondered how good of a lover he would be but I snapped back to /reality/">reality I am a married woman I can’t feel that way that’s cheating on my hubby and I have never done that in the 10 years since we have been married the 18 years we have been together. I quickly gathered my thoughts and exited his car not forgetting to give him his shirt back that he was so kind to loan me when I was freezing my buns off. As we left the mountains I wondered would I ever see Jake again. Could I contain myself if I ever did? 

Two weeks later I received an email from Jake saying he had a nice time in the mountains to which I replied much to the same effect. I could talk to him he wasn’t like most of the friends my hubby has and I couldn’t see them hanging out much he was a shy guy not into the rude guy things that most guys now days are into. We started chatting every once in a while on the computer and I started to feel good about my self again for a time in my life when everything started to go wrong he was the light at the end of my tunnel.