The irresistable neighbour

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The irresistable neighbour

It was winter of 2007, a regular evening when i was on my way home from music class. As I into my society I saw a huge truck parked infront of my building. With a little observation i learnt there were new neighbours shifting right into the next door to my apartment. I ignored and went home for a drum session. The evening turned into night and after dinner again I played drums, in a while I heare a hard knock on the door.

As i rushed and opened it my jaw dropped, eyes wide opened and I really had a hard time believeing what I saw. I saw a sexy tall mature woman about age of 36 with long brown hair, white fair skin hidden in red attires and possibly with the largest boobs I had ever seen. She was so /hot/hot-sexy/hot-and-sexy/">hot and sexy my dick stiffed with her first glimpse. She said hello and told me her name, she also shared that she had been hearing drumbeats since she entered her apartment. I told her that I am a drummer and invited her inside. We had a little chat and then she went back.

She was so sexy I masturbated thinking of her after she went. Next morning she came back again and asked me if I could teach hes drums as she always wanted to learn a musical instrument to which I agreed without any hesitation. She asked me if we could start right then and I said yes, I played a drum /solo/">solo to her and she got really impressed. Time passed by and she learnt pretty good just after a few lessons, she confessed she couldnt pay me for sometime as she was under high debts, then she said she has something for me. She went on her knees and open my pants my dick she held in her mouth and first slowly sucked it, I couldnt say a word as the /fantasy/">fantasy threw me in heaven, I held her up and kissed passionatly, soon took her clothes off both of us got naked. I sucked her juicy boobs and she sensitively moaned.

Then I kissed and licked her whole body finally reaching between her legs, her cunt was pink and wet, I buried my face deep inside and sucked it, she moaned again, then I lowered my rockhard dick inside her and fucked her as hard as I could, she screamed loudly pleasuring my ears, porn videos download she screamed that she was coming and I pounded harder, she finally had an orgasm and then It was my turn, she started sucking my dick again and it was so heavenly, I told her I was about to cum, she went on, finally I came inside her mouth, she enjoyed it. after this we both relaxed for a while and then we xxx became regular fuckbuddies.