The Wild Wild West Ch 4

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The Wild Wild West Ch 4

I woke with the feeling of warm breath against my ear. I turned and looked deeply into Wade’s sleeping face. He looked so peaceful and young. My heart pounded hard against my ribs at the wonderful sight. 

His hand still softly cupped my right breast, as his arm came across my ribs. His touch was so warm, I thought to myself. If possible, I think I fell in love with him all over again. 

Memories came flooding back to our last time we shared each other’s bodies. I hope I heard him right and he shared my feelings. But, what if those words he uttered in the throws of passion scares him away. 

I know the possibilities of this just being a fling. I knew I shouldn’t have given into my desires, but now all the, I shouldn’t have scenarios, didn’t matter much. It was to late to worry about that, for my heart now belongs to Wade.

I will now have to sit and wait out my fate. Wait to see if this was just a summer romance, or something more. I will try to deal with whatever the outcome, no matter what it is.

I brought my hand up and lightly started to caress the back of his hand. I circled my finger around one knuckle then the next and so on. I still stared into his tanned beautiful face. Soaking in every detail that I could.

I felt his arm tense where it laid across my body. My finger stilled as his eyes fluttered open. His deep eyes heavy with sleep, stared back into mine. Oh yes, he was beautiful and yes, I do love him.

A soft smile slowly etched at the corners of his full sweet lips. The stubble on his chin and jaw line made him look rugged and manly. He was absolutely perfect. Damn right flawless, at least physically.

’Good day my sweet little vixen. Did you sleep well?’ Wade asked, still with sleep in his voice.

’Aah yes, I slept very well. But I have to say I enjoyed the last few minutes better," I softly replied.

’And why is that baby. Did you have a restless sleep?" he asked inquiringly.

’Because I loved watching you sleep. I love the way your eyelashes lay against the top of your cheeks. The way your hand held onto my breast as if it was your property. It was just a beautiful sight is old waman xxxgx all," I responded softly against his lips.

I touched his lips with mine, and he tasted like sweet nectar. The taste of his lips made my tongue tingle. He pulled me tight against him as our tongues tango around each other’s.

He pulled me on top of him and began suckling on my neck. His tongue ran across the little bite mark on my neck. He pulled away and looked at what his tongue just felt. He looked up into my eyes softly and said, ’I guess I did get a little beastly with you.’ Then he smiled wickedly.

Then I softly asked, ’Does the beast want to come out and play now? Because I sure hope so."

He growled deeply as he pulled my neck down to his mouth again, lightly biting and licking the tender area.

I felt my pussy start to quiver as the excitement grew deep within my body. I also felt Wade’s cock come to life as he jerked between our bodies. I felt the pre-cum ooze onto my stomach. It was my turn to take control of this situation.

I pulled back just far enough so that he couldn’t reach my neck anymore. I looked down at him with a devilish smile as I took both of his wrists into my tiny hands. I lifted them over his head and held him there. We both knew that he could over power me at any moment and in an instant, but he saw the raw savage hunger in my eyes and wanted to willingly play along.

My breast /hung/">hung just over his lips and he tried to reach up and take the harden peak into his mouth. I pulled it out of his reach just as he got to them. He looked up at me, with his own hungry look.

I lowered my breast back down, close to his mouth. He reached up and just barely was able to lick the hard tips with his tongue. When his tongue made contact, it sent sparks flying up my breast, down my spine and then it shot deep into my pussy. A moan escaped from my lips, as I ran my tongue across them.

Then I pulled them out of his reach again. As I straddled him I began to grind my pussy on his hot /hard/hard-fuck/">hard fuck rod. The lips of my pussy spread apart and his pubic hairs rubbed roughly on my swollen clit. The friction set my whole pussy on fire.

"Oh yes, grind that hot little pussy, baby. Rub your /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy all over my cock," he said as he moaned and threw his head back and thrusted his hips upward.

I bent my head down towards his and ran my tongue across his lips. He tasted like fine wine. I pushed my tongue between his lips and into his mouth. He sucked my tongue into his mouth with a vengeance. I could tell I was driven him wild. I knew I was awakening the beast that was in him. God, how did I want it to wake up.

I took my mouth away from his and kissed down his chin to his neck. I began to nibble and suck on his neck. I ran my tongue up and then down his jugular vein, as I began to trace a hot scalding line down his chest to his erect man nipples. There I circled my tongue around it and then took it between my teeth, as I flicked my tongue at the harden pebble. I heard him moan deeply, which just encouraged me to repeat the same action to the other harden pebble.

He went to move his hands and I tightened my grip and raised my head from where it was waging war on his nipples. He looked up at me with his eyes wondering why I stopped.

’No, no, no," I said shaking my head and saying it with a tsk tsk tone. ’If you want me to continue, then you have to keep your hands up over your head," I said as I looked up and saw his lasso rope hanging over the headboard post.

I reached up with one of my hands and took the rope from its resting-place. Wade watched me as I took it and sat back on top of him. His eyes widen with anticipation as he realized my intentions.

I reached up to his hands and tied the rope around both wrists. I was a Girl Scout, and I know how to make some nonescapable knots. Then after I was done, I tied it up to the headboard. I left just enough slack so that it wouldn’t pull hard against his arms, so he could relax them.

Then I bent down and started my assault where I left off, at his nipples. Then I trailed kisses, bites and licks down his muscular stomach, then down to his belly button. I dipped my tongue and swirled bokep sma pecah perawan it in his hole. I felt him squirming a little under the torture, as he began to moan and growl.

’You like that don’t ya, my large beast. I am going to try to tame you and make you my fuck slave, baby," I demanded.

’OOOhhh, yeess. I want you to try your hardest to tame me just because I enjoy it, but I will never be tamed, and you like it like that," he moaned in response.

I bent down and began licking a fiery trail down his happy trail to his hot piece of man meat, which was very much alive between his legs. I cupped his balls in my right hand as I massaged them. I took my left hand and guided the tip of his hot sticky cock to my lips. I flicked my tongue to eye of his not so little beast, then swirled my tongue around the head. I then traced his protruding vein with my tongue. Wade was moaning steadily now, with his eyes closed and his ass pushing his cock closer to my mouth.

He didn’t have to touch me to make me so hot and wet. Just watching and feeling him react to me was all I needed. I took the head of his cock again into my mouth and shoved my mouth down over his rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. I didn’t stop until it hit the back of my throat. His moans got louder, and then I moaned against his shaft that was buried in my mouth. Then I began bobbing up and down on his love muscle. As I sucked his cock into my mouth, my tongue massaged it against the roof of my mouth. I pulled the tip to my lips and grazed my teeth to the sensitive head. 

My pussy was hot and I straddle his left leg and rubbed my dripping pussy against his thigh. The hair on his leg rubbed my clit and sent sparks to my pussy. 

I felt him start to swell in my mouth and I knew he was close. I pulled my mouth away from his hot and swollen pole, and stood up over him.

He looked up at me and watched me as I put each of my legs on either side of his naked body. I was now standing over his chest, so that he could look straight up my naked hot body.

I put my hands on my round firm tits and began to pinch the nipples between my thumb and index finger. I rolled my hips as a parted my legs further, giving him a clear view of my /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole.

He watched intensely as I slid one of my hands from my breast and slid it down my lean stomach. My hands touched the small patch of hair between my legs. I ran me middle finger along the slit of my pussy, as I moved my hips back and forth against my hand.

Wade’s tongue licked his lips, like he was a starve man who hasn’t ate in weeks. He didn’t blink for the fear of missing even the smallest detail of my actions. I saw the lust in his eyes, as I continued the seductive ritual.

"Yes baby, touch yourself for me. Let me see you finger fuck your wet pussy. You are so beautiful my little vixen. Let me watch you play with yourself," he moaned.

I parted my pussy lips with the other hand as I put my middle finger on my hard nub and I started rubbing the nub slowly. Wade didn’t take his eyes off my hand as I slid it to my pussy hole, and pushed my finger deep into it. I threw my head back and moaned as I grinded my pussy onto my finger. I slipped a second finger into it cause I needed to feel more inside my wet twat. I looked back down into Wade’s eyes, and saw his hunger for my pussy.