Truth of Dare

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Truth of Dare

 It was my freshman year in high school. I was known as the shy guy, and I couldnt really talk to girls that well, until I enrolled in a certain class...
I enrolled in a math course had mostly sophmores in it. In front of me as well as behind me sat two of the most /gorgeous/">gorgeous girls I had ever seen. The one in front of my had dark brown hair, white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie nice /breasts/small-breasts/">small breasts, and a perfect /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. Her name was Annette. She was always talking with the girl that sat behind me. The girl that sat behind me was Lindy, a /cute/">cute little /blonde/">blonde that had blue eyes and the most gorgeous breasts and suculent lips. She was about 5" 6, and Annette was about the same height.
The two were talking one Friday and I got to drop into their conversation. Annette was going to spend the night at Lindys house that night and they needed something to do. Little did I know that I was going to be what they would do. The two talked and then Annette said, "Why dont we invite John to come with us?" I was taken and said, "Go where?" Annette said that wed just go over to Lindys house, since Lindys parents were gone for Friday and the weekend.
So I got there and we talked for a while on Lindys bedroom floor. Then Annette decided wed play truth or dare. I took a dare from Annette first. She smiled at me and bit her bottom lip and told me, "John, I dare you to take off all your clothes!" I looked at her and then Lindy smiled and said, "Go ahead, we know youre a horny little /bitch/">bitch."
Lindy grabbed me and kissed me and rolled me underneath her. She slapped me and said, "Now be a good little boy and take off your clothes, you little bitch!" I looked at Lindy, and got out from underneath her and began to take off my clothes.
Immediately my 7" cock stuck out and Lindy smiled at me. Annete began to take off her clothes and said, "Now John, its your turn!" I said, "Lindy, I dare you to take off Annettes clothes while she takes off yours!"
The two began to caress each other as they took off each others clothes. Underneath their panties were the first pussies Id ever seen, and they were shaven. My shaft began to fill with more blood, and Lindy approached me. Lindy said, "Be a good little boy and suck my pussy!"
I immediately obeyed and I laid her down on her bed and began to suck on her shaven, /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt. She moaned and Annette started to kiss her. "Gimme more! Ohhhhhhhh....... John!!" she said inbetween kissing Annette.
As her juices cummed into my mouth, I grabbed Annette and began to kiss her. We both started swallowing Lindys fluids, and Annette caressed my shaft and I started to cum all over her thighs. Annette grabbed Lindy and had Lindy lick my cum off of her thighs.
Lindy said to me, "John, I want you to do something for me. You see, Annettes a virgin, and I bet you re to, so why dont you two... well..." Before she could finish I had laid Annette down on Lindys bed.
I stuck my shaft into Annettes tight cunt, and it hurt for a slight moment. Annette moaned, and suddenly I heard Lindy moan. Lindy had taken out a /vibrator/">vibrator! I watched Lindy as she caressed her breasts with one hand and fucked her cunt with vibrator! Annette grabbed my face and began to kiss me and we came together as Lindy moaned, "OH GOD YES, JOHN! GIVE IT TO HER!"
Annette looked at me and said, "You pleased me so good. Now its your turn to be pleased. She looked at Lindy and the two smiled at each other.
Annette laid me down and began to straddle my cock and began moving her hips moving my dick in and out on her precious, /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. Lindy came over and sat her vagina over my face. I began to lap my tongue into her vagina as Annette had a raging orgasm.
Lindy and Annette had their orgasms and I as well, and we slept for about an hour. WE HAD SPENT A LONG TIME FUCKING!
Lindy and I got up before Annette and we thought wed have a little fun stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv with her. As Annette woke up we began to lick her pussy, both our tongues struggling to fit in her tight cunt. Annette came and then Lindy began to kiss me as Annettes fluids filled our mouthes.
Saturday afternoon I left Lindys house, but I returned every Friday night for a sleep-over with Lindy and Annette!